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Can you get gray and “less white” at the same time?

As a diversion to our current economic upheaval, I’ve been meaning to post this article about America growing older and more diverse by 2050.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, minorities, now at about one third of the population, will become the majority population in 2042 and will make up 54 percent of the country by 2050.

The shift among children is astounding.  Today, 44 percent of children are in minority groups.  By 2050, 62 percent of children will be minorities.  Maybe by then we’ll have to stop using this word “minorities.”

Hispanics will nearly triple between now and 2050, eventually making up about a third of the total population.  That’s amazing.

Non-Hispanic whites will grow by only less than 2 percent over this time period.  The 85 and over population is expected to triple and the percentage of Americans who are working age will drop from 63 to 57 percent.  By 2050, minorities will also make up the majority of all workers.

It’s gonna be a brave new world.


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