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Hispanic Voters May Hold the Key

images-15My friend Robert Powell, editor of Virginia Business magazine, asked me to write a column about the importance of multicultural voters in the 2008 presidential election.  I really didn’t know what I would learn when I started writing (that’s what’s fun about pretending to be a journalist), but in the end I was impressed by how much power Hispanic voters will wield in November. Hispanic voters may hold the key to the identity of our next president.  Many thanks to my street-smart colleague Mark Magaña and to USC’s expert-in-residence Harry Pachon for their very generous contributions to this article.

UPDATE:  Scramblewatch ’08 has a great post about McCain’s Latino Problema and chronicles how many Latinos shifted away from the Republican Party (2006 being the Republicans’ highwater year) and toward the more friendly-to-immigration arms of the Dems.


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