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Virginia Hispanic Youth Symposium

I received an email this morning from Rosa Castillo at the Hispanic College Fund about the need for volunteers for the upcoming Virginia Hispanic Youth Symposium.

The symposium has been designed for local High School students and will be held from July 16-19, 2008 at the University of Richmond.  The participants of this 1st Annual Richmond Hispanic Youth Symposium will convene at the University of Richmond for a three-night, four-day program that allows them to develop a network of peers and mentors, learn about resources and tools for college, and develop a long-term career vision.

They’ve assigned me to judging the speech contest, where participants need to give an unprepared 2 minute speech.  Better them than me.  I’ll be judging on execution and content.  

Which way should I go?  Randy Jackson or Simon Cowell?


UPDATE:  I had a great time on Friday at the Virginia Hispanic Youth Symposium.  Each of the speech makers put a lot of hard work into their presentations and it showed.  I was so impressed with the enthusiasm, poise, creativity and willingness to give back to the community that was demonstrated in every speech.  Volunteer opportunities like this don’t come along very often.  Thanks to the organizers of the Virginia Hispanic Youth Symposium for including me.  I learned a lot!


Totally unrelated, I just came across this article from Virginia Business Magazine that talks about Hispanic Outreach for GetLoaded.com.  Keep on truckin’.

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