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Micro-casting catches on

thumb0011My friend and colleague Doug Zanger of Xhang Creative has launched Small Plate Radio, a new media platform that allows communicators to use the broadest of mediums (radio broadcasting) to reach the narrowest of niche audiences.  Huh?

Leave it to Zanger to realize that what attracts the masses to radio (entertainment, convenience, immediacy, interactive potential, etc.) can also be used to attract and communicate with targeted niche audiences, just like so many websites, blogs and twitterers.

Say you’re holding an important meeting, a press conference, a concert or some other event where there is great interest but limited access.  Many folks would like to participate but few are able to.  Through Live Podcasting, interested listeners can tune in live on the internet and even send in questions via instant message.  Small Plate Radio will set-up a Pop Up Radio Station on the site of large events like conventions so that luminaries can stop by for a quick interview. All content can be listened to live on the web or archived for later podcast listening in the comfort of your car, office or hot-tub.  

Radio is a great medium in that I can take it with me wherever I go (even while driving) and listen even while multitasking.  A former boss called radio “theater of the mind.”  I’m glad the theater is now open to even highly targeted, niche audiences.


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