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Can you get gray and “less white” at the same time?

As a diversion to our current economic upheaval, I’ve been meaning to post this article about America growing older and more diverse by 2050.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, minorities, now at about one third of the population, will become the majority population in 2042 and will make up 54 percent of the country by 2050.

The shift among children is astounding.  Today, 44 percent of children are in minority groups.  By 2050, 62 percent of children will be minorities.  Maybe by then we’ll have to stop using this word “minorities.”

Hispanics will nearly triple between now and 2050, eventually making up about a third of the total population.  That’s amazing.

Non-Hispanic whites will grow by only less than 2 percent over this time period.  The 85 and over population is expected to triple and the percentage of Americans who are working age will drop from 63 to 57 percent.  By 2050, minorities will also make up the majority of all workers.

It’s gonna be a brave new world.


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Radio Drives Mobile


Mobile Driver

Mobile Driver

Recently, my work in the radio industry and my interest in mobile marketing have crossed paths.  


Thanks to my colleague Doug Zanger at Small Plate Radio, I’ve found myself in several radio industry posts. I’m on the radio jury for the London International Awards, I’m the moderator for the Radio Suits group on the radiocreativeland talent pool and I handle media relations for the soon to be launched Good Radio Stories, an online PR service showcasing the charitable acts of radio stations across the country.  GRS is a Radio 2020 project commissioned by the Radio Advertisers Bureau, National Association of Broadcasters and HD Radio Alliance.

The more that I play in the radio world (I have a broadcast journalism degree) the more clearly I see synergies between radio and mobile marketing.  As I pointed out in my post “Drive to Mobile,” one of the best attributes of mobile marketing is the ability to “capture” an audience no matter where they are or what they’re doing. 

Where people can often be found is listening to the radio in a car, at home, at work or in someone else’s store, gym or drycleaner.  Radio therefore is a perfect medium for Drive to Mobile because it is ubiquitous and can be accessed from anywhere (just like mobile phones).

This fact is not lost on mobile marketing providers.  Companies like HipCricket and Spark Network Services offer radio stations turnkey mobile solutions to further relationships with listeners and provide stations with an additional revenue stream.

HipCricket has also just signed a deal with the Spanish Broadcasting System to build loyalty groups via text. I know from my work in the Hispanic market that Hispanics are a great target for text campaigns.

When it comes to building Drive to Mobile campaigns, radio is a terrific medium.


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