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Living Stories To the Rescue?

I guess that Google feels bad about the way that it has helped to injure, maim and in some cases, kill newspapers.  Why else would it spend its time and energy to roll out a new product that it hopes will revive them?

I’m talking about Living Stories, a Google experiment to help newspapers present all of their content on a specific topic on a single web page.  Right now, you have to hope that the keywords entered into the papers’ search engine turn up all of the articles in your selected topic, but frequently some are missed.  Living Stories is a partnership between Google, the New York Times and the Washington Post.

As is often the case in technology experiments, the devil is in the details.  If a subject page becomes a defacto authority on a certain topic, I can see it getting a lot of page views.  But newspapers tend to be slow and deliberate when it comes to publishing articles on weighty topics, so the time between a post and a new article in a single newspaper may be too long for today’s Google-addicted immediate satisfaction-seekers.

As with all efforts to resuscitate newspapers, I’m all for it.  I just think this one may not have the horsepower to drag the publishers out of the abyss.


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MASSIVEGOOD is massively good


joinmassivegood_bgMASSIVEGOOD is an innovative fundraising movement that combines micro-philanthropy with social media. MASSIVEGOOD will let travelers make a small donation ($2/€2/£2) through a simple click each time they buy a ticket, whether online or through a travel agent. MASSIVEGOOD relies on the network effect of its members to spread the word about the solution. The more MASSIVE the movement, the more MASSIVE the GOOD.

MASSIVEGOOD is in testing phase and will be launched early 2010.

Mission:  MASSIVEGOOD was developed by the Millennium Foundation for Innovative Finance for Health. Funds raised by MASSIVEGOOD are distributed to UNITAID, hosted by the World Health Organization , to fight HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

MASSIVEGOOD:  It’s massively good!




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