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No one will call you a quitter…

Okay, here’s the situation:  You have a colleague that you really respect and value and that you’d love to send a message that says how sorry you are that his/her totally inappropriate office romance didn’t work out.  Or you want to tell someone else how proud you are of their new position at work, despite their name tag and epaulets.  Not to mention those really sticky wickets:  How to tell someone you’re sorry they got fired during the latest corporate bloodbath. But store bought cards are so impersonal and don’t really offer the right sentiment.  Besides, who has money for store bought cards or stamps anyway?

Well never fear sensitive slacker, there’s a place where the cards say just the right thing, are free and no postage is required. Check them out.

Not A Quitter

Not A Quitter

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London International Awards


Doug Zanger

Doug Zanger

Recently my colleague Doug Zanger was selected as the first ever Radio Jury President for the prestigious London International Awards.  Shortly thereafter I was appointed to the Jury with 22 other folks, tasked with judging radio creative from around the world.  Last years’ winning radio entries were produced in Johannesburg and Hamburg.  It’s been sometime since I worked in radio, but I’m looking forward to being part of this process.

Doug has set up AmerWeCan Radio, a hilarious push to get more American radio stations to enter the “Conceived by Radio Station” category of the LIAs.  Apparently no American radio station has ever won this award, and AmerWeCan mouthpiece Brett Britland takes great umbrage at this horrific oversight.

Doug is also pushing the IDA (It Didn’t Air) Awards to recognize great creative that never quite made it past the “creative review” process and onto the airwaves.  I look forward to hearing what almost was (or what never had a chance).

As founder and CEO of Xhang Creative, a Portland, Oregon-based radio and audio content creative agency/consultancy, Doug Zanger is a leading voice for creativity in radio.  Doug’s other ventures include pOne partners, a radio-station/company-centric business that serves as a full creative resource for radio stations and groups and Small Plate Radio, an online audio content creation group that has been running “pop-up” radio stations for advertising and industry trade events.  Doug is also the mastermind behind Good Radio Stories, an online PR service dedicated to showcasing the charitable works of radio stations and companies around the country. Good Radio Stories is a Radio 2020 project commissioned by the Radio Advertising Bureau, National Association of Broadcasters and HD Radio Alliance.

“Dr. Z” also blogs on Advertising Age’s Small Agency Diary and is an adjunct professor at Mount Hood Community College in Oregon, where he lectures about the importance of radio and advertising.

He is also an active donor for the Freeplay Foundation, a non-profit organization that distributes hand-cranked and solar powered radios to remote areas of Africa with the purpose of delivering content and messaging that helps stem the tide of poverty.

I’m probably missing several things, but I think that description is sufficient.  When does Doug ever sleep?!

UPDATE:  After judging nearly 150 spots, I’ve listened to the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.


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Hispanic Marketing For Credit Unions

Financial institutions have always had fun with marketing to Hispanics.  Targeting the right customer, dealing with documentation issues and figuring out the ROI on Hispanic initiatives have always been challenging.

Suzanne Boniface tackles the topic in the latest issue of Credit Union Management Magazine.  

Her statistics point to a good fit between Credit Unions and Hispanics.

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Virginia Hispanic Youth Symposium

I received an email this morning from Rosa Castillo at the Hispanic College Fund about the need for volunteers for the upcoming Virginia Hispanic Youth Symposium.

The symposium has been designed for local High School students and will be held from July 16-19, 2008 at the University of Richmond.  The participants of this 1st Annual Richmond Hispanic Youth Symposium will convene at the University of Richmond for a three-night, four-day program that allows them to develop a network of peers and mentors, learn about resources and tools for college, and develop a long-term career vision.

They’ve assigned me to judging the speech contest, where participants need to give an unprepared 2 minute speech.  Better them than me.  I’ll be judging on execution and content.  

Which way should I go?  Randy Jackson or Simon Cowell?


UPDATE:  I had a great time on Friday at the Virginia Hispanic Youth Symposium.  Each of the speech makers put a lot of hard work into their presentations and it showed.  I was so impressed with the enthusiasm, poise, creativity and willingness to give back to the community that was demonstrated in every speech.  Volunteer opportunities like this don’t come along very often.  Thanks to the organizers of the Virginia Hispanic Youth Symposium for including me.  I learned a lot!


Totally unrelated, I just came across this article from Virginia Business Magazine that talks about Hispanic Outreach for  Keep on truckin’.

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The Other Double D

Recently, the crack web team at the ad agency where I work created a cool viral campaign for Father’s Day for S&K Menswear.  You can check it out at

You can read the press release that I wrote and distributed here.  Clever, ain’t it?

You can read the story that resulted in the Richmond Times Dispatch here.

After 5 tries, we also posted the information to CNN’s iReport.  It took 5 tries because iReport kept pulling my submission down, one time after it already had 300 views.  They don’t tell you why, but I can only assume it was because it was too commercial.  So after making the copy more informal and pulling the client logo off the image, the submission stuck.

 Other hits I liked were in Promo Magazine and on screen shot

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